Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

With a statement explaining the reasons why and the commitment they have as a team to Euroleague Basketball, Maccabi sent an official letter to the League of Israel, stating they will not be playing any games in Israel in case the Euroleague season resumes.

According to the schedule that has been released from both the Israeli League and the Euroleague, the dates, when the games have been scheduled, make it impossible for Maccabi to compete on both championships.

“We would like to emphasize that we are also obliged to the Euroleague league, which published its schedule as early as 23.4, even before the principal, when the schedule published by the manager at the meeting conflicts with the Euroleague schedule. There was no reference to the overlap. So we made it clear, and we make it clear again, that if a message comes out that the Euroleague is coming back,” the president stated.

Maccabi clarified that they would like to play in front of their audience and they will “do everything” to play in front of their audience, “the club’s main engine”, as they call it.