LeBron James recently revealed the logo and title of the upcoming Space Jam sequel, showing off a cap with the words “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” via Instagram at the end of last month. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar inked a deal to play the lead in the film, which is set to hit screens in 2021, 25 years since Michael Jordan saved Bugs Bunny and his Looney Toons friends from aliens.

The movie was a resounding success, grossing over $230 million – and the sequel is likely to be another hit, with LeBron set to fill the shoes of the man many consider to be the greatest basketball player who’s ever lived.

As it turns out, though, MJ had someone else in mind for the role. Back in 2016, the former Chicago Bulls sensation was taking part in a Q&A with kids at a basketball camp and was asked, “If you had an opinion on the main role in Space Jam 2, who would you have chosen?”

To everyone’s surprise, Jordan named Blake Griffin. You could view the exchange below (H/T houseofhighlights).

While Griffin is one of the most athletic players to have graced the NBA in recent years, it’s still a strange choice. The Detroit Pistons star isn’t half the draw that LeBron is and hasn’t been nearly as successful on the court.

Thankfully, Warner Bros. made the call here and not MJ.