Kemba Walker on the main Celtics’ advantage over other NBA teams

Prior to the suspension of the NBA season, Boston Celtics were among the best teams in the Eastern conference.

Kemba Walker Boston Celtics Charlotte Hornets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Kemba Walker was going through a great season on the court. His performance was one of the reasons why the Celtics reached their 3rd best record in the East.

Despite the Celtics’ lack of size, Walker believes that his team has a great advantage over the opponents. In his interview with Celtics Wire, Walker said their main weapon during this season has been their ability to run and play fast-paced basketball.

“Obviously, we’re just not always as big as everyone, but for the most part, coming into the season, our main focus was us using our speed. That’s the advantage we have over a lot of people. Our speed, our tenacity; we pride ourselves on helping each other. We have to scramble around, I think we do a great job at that.”