Steve Nash recalls attempt to bring Kevin Garnett to the Suns

Steve Nash Kevin Garnett
Photo: Steve Spatafore/Getty Images

Steve Nash shared a story about his effort to persuade Kevin Garnett to join the Phoenix Suns back in the mid-2000s.

Nash knew he couldn’t convince Garnett to join the team, as the Suns were unable to offer him a lucrative contract.

“Yeah, there was a time ownership asked me to call [Garnett] and recruit him, would have been an incredible player to play with, but we didn’t have a full cap slot that other teams did, so in a sense — and Kevin tells this story too — that I told him ‘I’m kind of embarrassed to call you because you’d have to take a pay cut to come here, but we’d love to have you,’ so we did have that conversation.

He respected my honesty, the reality is we just, he would’ve had to take a much lower salary so it was never really close to happening, I don’t think,” Nash told Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on the All The Smoke podcast, via Josh Wilson of Valley of the Suns.