Austin Rivers Rockets
Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Austin Rivers talked about the NBA suspension and admitted that whoever wins the title this season, they will certainly deserve it.

The guard of the Houston Rockets explained the team that will emerge victorious should be given more credit due to the circumstances.

“People have been saying, whoever wins, it’s going to have a blip [asterisk] next to it. I personally believe it’s the complete opposite. Whoever wins, this is so much harder.

Whoever wins this year really had to go get it and earn it, and had guys who took time off seriously and still stayed in shape, and was able to get back the chemistry, true chemistry. So many things. In my eyes, whoever wins this, it’s going to be the hardest championship ever won,” Rivers said during a Facebook Q&A with Rockets commentator Craig Ackerman, via Ben DuBose of USA TODAY.