Blazers Zach Collins says he’s “on the right track” as his rehab continues

Photo: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Collins hasn’t hit the court for 184 days, after he dislocated his shoulder on October 27, just three games into the new season.

Collins talked on Trail Blazers Courtside about the course of his rehab, saying he is “on the right track” to return to the court, per Yahoo Sports:

“I definitely think I am on the right track,” the Blazers’ big man said. “Right now it’s tough because the last part of my development was playing and we can’t play right now. I’m just trying to simulate that as much as I can right now without going through contact with other players. It feels really good. Like I said before,.I haven’t really had any setbacks in my rehab. From day one it’s all been pretty smooth, it’s just a long process. But it feels great. I’m really happy with where I’m at.”

Furthermore, the young center said he improved his game on the post, being capable of playing one-on-one on the block, after working all summer.

“I was really just more excited to make plays. Not necessarily scoring, but just to be more effective in those pick and roll situations,” Collins added. “Guys getting trapped and me catching the ball at the elbow and making a play. I think I got better at that over the summer and I excited to show that. Unfortunately, it was only two and a half games, but I felt more comfortable with that coming into this year.”