Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
Photo: Bleacher Report

Steph Curry would not enjoy playing without fans in a possible season return. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, one possible outcome is resuming the 2019-20 NBA season at some point this summer in empty arenas.

The Warriors’ superstar said he cannot imagine playing with no fans.

“It would suck if there weren’t any fans,” the two-time NBA MVP said Tuesday on the “The Rory & Carson Podcast” with professional golfer Rory McIlroy and NBC television host Carson Daly. “I know they would love to play the games,” Curry said. “But, man – I couldn’t imagine.

I don’t think anybody was looking forward to it by any stretch,” Steph noted. “If you fast forward to maybe this summer … (NBA) Finals – if they walk into an empty building – I don’t know how that’s memorable.

The atmosphere, the adrenaline rush (with fans). At home or on the road – it’s so cool just to make those adjustments and feel how you’re body feels, and how your mind is racing in those moments.”