Stephen A. Smith
Photo: Getty/Jesse D. Garrabrant

On First Take, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said he believes that the NBA playoffs “will begin in the first or second week of July at the latest.”

Smith made his comments based on conversations with players, coaches, GMs, owners and agents around the league.

“I think that they’re hellbent on making sure that they finish this season,” Smith said. “They say that everything has been discussed in terms of descending upon Las Vegas. … They’ve talked about a play-in tournament for the last couple of seeds in each conference.”

Unless there is another spike in coronavirus cases around the country, the NBA is intending on having playoffs that goes from July into August.

The NBA has stated that they will follow advice from medical professionals when deciding whether to resume the season.

If there are indeed playoffs, the first two rounds could be five-game series and the conference finals and NBA Finals could be seven-game series, according to Smith.