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Kevin Durant is not the same person that he used to be back in the Oklahoma City Thunder days, says Kendrick Perkins. According to the former NBA champion, he just has to accept a different KD now. Durant left OKC for the Golden State Warriors in 2016, a team that defeated the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.

He went on to win two NBA titles over the span of three years with the Dubs. Both departures were surrounded by controversy and criticism. A move to Golden State was viewed as a ‘betrayal’ because of rivalry with the Thunder in the West. Durant’s decision to leave the Warriors and join the Nets also attracted criticism, especially from Draymond Green.

“KD is who he is, man. He’s grown into the man that he wants to be, and I just have to accept it,” Perkins said on Runnin’ Plays Podcast via Logan Murdock of NBC Sports. “It’s just a different KD from what I knew when we was in Oklahoma City and he used to be under my wing all the time. So at the end of the day, I just got to accept who the man and roll with. That’s who he is, and I got to love him for who he is.”

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