Kendrick Perkins
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According to former NBA center Kendrick Perkins, a few months ago he got called out by Stephen A. Smith on ‘First Take’ for breaking a Players Code when Kevin Durant and he got into a Twitter beef, but just the other day Stephen A. said it was okay for Draymond Green to revisit and air out locker room business.

Perkins had a few words to say about it to Stephen A. Smith on the latest ‘No Agendas’ podcast:

“Fall back, relax bro. You don’t even know about the Players Code, because you’ve never been a player. When somebody is telling me about the player code, when they don’t even know a Player Code, I got a problem with it. I don’t like that. Be straight forward with me or at least come and ask me what is a Player Code,” he said.

Here is a video of the full ‘No Agendas’ podcast: