Kevin Durant, Draymond Green
Photo: Fox Sports Asia

The departure of Kevin Durant from the Golden State Warriors shocked the NBA world last summer. It was connected by many with the fact that KD did not get too well with Draymond Green. The 30-year-old added more fuel to the speculation recently, as he criticized Durant for delaying decision on his future when others were committing to stay.

In the wake of his recent comments, Green joined former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on All The Smoke podcast. During a two-hour conversation, the three-time NBA champion clarified his stance on Durant’s situation. He admitted that KD is on another level and if he had asked the Warriors to trade Green, there would have been no second thoughts – Green would have been traded.

Because of that, Green thinks that the explanation that Durant left Golden State because of him does not make sense. He also hinted that the relationship between the two former teammates is far from perfect.

“This is f*cking Kevin Durant that we are talking about. I’ve done great things here. But let me tell you this. I know Bob [Myers], if it was such a big deal with Kevin being here and me being here… if Kevin really wanted to be here, all he would’ve done is went and said to Bob ‘I’ll stay but Draymond gotta go’. And guess what? Bob Myers would have called me and said ‘Draymond, I love you and won’t trade you to a bad team but where do you wanna go? ‘Cause I’ll help you to go where you wanna go.’ And so to try to point the finger and say ‘Oh man I left because of him’, like get the f*ck outta here… and I still love K… his feelings about me may not be the same but I’ll ride for him for the rest of my life.”

Draymond Green