Photo: Associated Press

Carmelo Anthony, one of the best scorers of the NBA during his prime, has played against some of the greatest players we’ve ever seen in the league.

Melo revealed that the biggest trash-talker he’s ever encountered on the court was Kevin Garnett.

“Kevin Garnett. Not he was, he IS the biggest s***-talker that the game has ever seen,” Anthony said on his official Youtube account.

“You’ve gotta love though,” Melo added. “He never got in my head and messed my game up, but he made me think sometimes,” Anthony continued.

“It was more of that… Like, hey, he talking crazy. Like, who is he talking to? And then you realize that’s how certain people have certain methods to keep themselves going, or get themselves going to motivate themselves. So, once I learned that, it was like, oh, he’s just talking now, aight, aight.”