Kings’ basketball cult hero Jack Cooley talks about his career journey

Photo: Youtube

The former G-League sensation Jack Cooley continues to rejoice every moment in his basketball career. Cooley was a fan-favorite in Sacramento as he become the loving underdog of the Kings’ fans.

“I played summer league for seven years, I’ve done all of these little things and I think just the point of never trying to make it look like a lie, like I’m bigger than anyone else,” Cooley said on the latest edition of the Purple Talk podcast. “I’m just some dude who tries his face off every single time I go out there. Everybody really appreciates that and I think respects that.”

After an illustrious career in Europe in the last five seasons, where Cooley played for several teams in Italy, Spain and Turkey, the former Kings center currently resides in Okinawa, Japan. Before the hiatus due to the pandemic, the Notre Dame product was leading the Japanese Basketball league in rebounds being also Top-10 in scoring.

“The beaches and the parks aren’t closed, so I’m working out and I have my headphones in and I’m looking at the ocean and I’m doing it,” Cooley said on his experience on Japan. “I turn around and there’s like 10 or 15 people that are fans of the team just watching. They were properly spaced next to each other, they were like six feet apart.”