Kostas Papanikolaou
Photo: Euroleague Basketball

Papanikolaou saw his career rising after signing with Olympiacos Piraeus. Of course, his talent got him to where he is now, but Olympiacos gave him the opportunity to reach “the biggest stage”, as he says.

“It was the team that gave me the opportunity to prove myself to be on the court and do what I love to do, what I am best at.”

The Greek international has also played in the NBA as well as Barcelona. Olympiacos, though, has always been a family to him and so he returned to the team from Piraeus.

“It’s like a family. The bonds and the connection we have between myself and the team, the board and everybody you know it’s great. It’s a good way to think of your career when you stop playing basketball, you know you have created some type of bonds with the team, the fans and the whole family of Olympiacos.”