J.R. Bremer signed today with Turkish Basketball League and Eurochallenge club Gaziantep but on November 16, 2013, Ernest “J.R.” Bremer (Higher Vision Sports), one of the great guards in St. Bonaventure University history will be inducted into the college’s basketball Hall of Fame.

Bremer who became a NBA all-rookie after being undrafted in 2003 ranked within the top ten in school history in several categories including scoring, points, assists and steals.

Bremer played for the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors and has played for some of the biggest clubs in Europe in Unicaja Malaga, Dynamo Triumph, Armani Milano and Fenerbahce.

Other notable players from SBU formerly inducted are NBA great Bob Lanier and David Vanterpool a former Euroleague champion with CSKA Moscow and current first assistant coach of the Portland Trailblazers.