Steve Kerr discusses the one thing the Warriors looking for when building their roster

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors
Photo: Bleacher Report

With the season on pause, the NBA is consisted of several “ifs” and unknowns right now. At the same time, NBA teams trying to act as normal as they can during the coronavirus pandemic.

If the season returns, the Golden State Warriors will actively pursue several roster upgrades. The “Dubs” will try to improve their roster, after a disappointing season, which finds them in the bottom of the West.

“The one thing we’re always focused on is two-way players regardless of position,” coach Steve Kerr told Warriors TV play-by-play man Bob Fitzgerald. “The league largely has become position-less. You’ve got point guards and centers and then a whole bunch of guys like Andre Iguodala or Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard — whoever you want to say.

Somebody who can shoot 3s, who can guard multiple spots, can handle the ball, make decisions — the more of those guys on your roster, the better. Multi-skilled, versatile players with size.”

GM Bob Myers and Steve Kerr always looked for two-way players, who can impact the play on both ends of the floor.

“You got to take the best guys available with an eye towards versatility because that’s where the game is headed,” Kerr noted.