Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith thinks the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James could catch Michael Jordan as a worldwide brand one day, even though Jordan is the GOAT, he says.

“I’m not ruling it out because we’re talking about LeBron James. I know how big time Michael Jordan is. He’s the GOAT. He’s the greatest ever in my eyes. And I think the brand Jordan has touched the billion in terms of his earnings. I think it’s about a billion dollars. He’s definitely generated more than that in terms of the Jordan brand itself.

“But I would ask y’all to think about not sneakers. I would ask y’all to look at all the things that LeBron James is doing. LeBron James is trying to build his own media empire. LeBron James is producing movies and television shows. LeBron James got his hands in a multitude of arenas. If you’re thinking just about sneakers, no, it’s Jordan and everybody else and I totally get that.

“But to look at LeBron James and the things that he’s doing, knowing that he’s only 35 years old. With what he has built and what he has established already and what he’s venturing into. I think there’s a legitimate argument that can be made that potentially over the course of time can Jordan be touched, can Jordan be caught up to particularly in this age of social media and beyond? Yes, I do.”

Stephen A. Smith