Steph Curry
Photo: Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Steph Curry was speaking as part of NBA Together, a global community and social engagement campaign that aims to support, engage, educate and inspire youth, families, and fans in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

On his daily routine during the quarantine

It makes you realise how much time there is in a day when the ball isn’t bouncing. I’m just trying to figure all this out daily. My day normally looks something like this: I wake up, I get a little work out in, then my daughter’s second grade class starts and I’m like a substitute teacher for a little bit. Once the class is over, I sit there and dish out the papers and all the material that she then has to do… I’m like a teacher assistant basically. My daughter said I’m a 3-star teacher…

On keeping busy at home

Steph: “Since we don’t have any live action, it’s actually been really dope going back and watching some of the old school classic games, even the Finals from the last decade or so. As a basketball fan, being able to sit there and watch greatness and relive all those moments like it’s actually live… my wife caught plenty of time sitting there like I don’t know what the outcome is, but that’s what basketball does to us. At least we get some positive out of this.”

On the NBA

Steph: “We will be back. I know the NBA is trying to keep all fans entertained and engaged with the game until we get back on the floor. I hope all fans are doing well and taking the situation seriously. We’re all in this together, these are unprecedented times for everybody. We will be back soon, hopefully sooner than later, back on the court doing what we love doing.”