Ryan Arcidiacono is a hard-working player on court, but, during the NBA hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Bulls guard is also working hard off the court.

This week, Arcidiacono donated meals to the Lawndale Christian Health Center and the Suder Montessori magnet elementary school near the United Center.

As he said to Sam Smith of the, he feels thankful for being able to give back to Chicago community and that’s the reason he stayed in town during the suspension.

“I feel I need to do my part and give back. I’m so grateful to the people of Chicago and for being able to play for this city.You have to understand you are more than just an athlete on the court.”

The Bulls’ guard noted that he feels for the people affected by the coronavirus outbreak, with his mother being a doctor and many friends of his being in the front-line.

“My mom is not dealing specifically with the COVID cases, but she’s working in the hospital. I have an appreciation and respect for the doctors and nurses who are not getting much sleep and working tirelessly. My friends who are nurses in New York have told me how serious it is and with the lack of supplies.”