Armani Milano
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Following owner’s, Georgio Armani, previous donation of 1,25 million, AX Exchange Armani Olimpia Milan announced on Wednesday that the players and the head coach, Ettore Messina, will donate 1 million euros in total to support the Lombardy hospitals during the coronavirus emergency.

Per Olimpia Milano: “Giorgio Armani and the President, Leo Dell’Orco announced today that Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano players and the head coach have decided to give up a part of their salary to support the Lombardy hospital structures committed to fight the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 and that Olimpia Milano will also make a corresponding donation.

The total amount of the donation is equal to 1 million euro and it adds to the donations made by the Armani Group in favor of some Italian hospitals and the Italian Civil Protection and to the conversion of its factories for the production of disposable lab coats recently announced.”