Lakers’ Alex Caruso explains what the ‘most frustrating’ aspect of the NBA suspension is

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Alex Caruso talked about the NBA suspension and its ‘most frustrating’ aspect.

In an interview with Mike Trudell of, Caruso spoke at length about how the NBA suspension has impacted him and the Los Angeles Lakers, also mentioning why the suspension has been ‘frustrating’ for his team.

“Probably the most frustrating part is how much this season meant to us as players, coaches, organization and fans. With everything that’s gone on the past several years, and obviously the Kobe situation, everybody was really looking forward to finishing out the season and getting to the playoffs.

Now that it’s prolonged, it’s just frustrating. All of us on the team, our favorite thing to do is play basketball, and for that to be momentarily taken away puts things into perspective. It’s kind of an enlightening moment, just to not take it for granted. Whether you’re in your first full season like me, or 17th for LeBron,” Caruso said.