Danny Green on LeBron James in 2009: “He was vocal, but not as vocal as he is now”

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This season is the second time Danny Green and LeBron James are teammates. Prior to teaming up in Los Angeles, they played together during the 2009-2010 season in Cleveland. That was also Green’s rookie year. During a video interview with ESPN’s Omar Raja, the 32-year-old sharp shooter remembered the 2009 LeBron and compared him to today.

The Lakers guard remembered that James was vocal but not on the same level he is today. He also mentioned LeBron’s IQ, which is even better now. Differently than in 2009, at present James puts other players in places on purpose.

Via Ashish Mathur of ClutchPoints:

“He’s still doing the things he was doing in 2009. Obviously, he’s just more mature. He has kids that are older. He’s learned how to win. He’s gone to places and won three titles since then. Back then, obviously he was vocal, but not as vocal as he is now. His IQ was obviously great then and it’s even better now. He knows how to put guys in places to make them successful. So he makes the game easy. I think he did make the game easy [back in 2009] but it wasn’t on purpose. It was just him being so great and playing the game. Now he’s making the game easier by putting people in places.”

Danny Green

In his 17th season the 35-year-old point forward is still averaging 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and 10.6 assists per game.