Kyrie Irving on his early relationship with LeBron James: “It was strictly about transferring knowledge”


Kyrie Irving had a close relationship with his future teammate LeBron James even before he went to the NBA. During an Instagram Live session with Jeremiah Green, the former NBA champion talked about what impact James had on him before Irving got drafted.

The 28-year-old Brooklyn Nets point guard said watching LeBron upclose inspired him. Irving revealed that the relationship was close but it was strictly about transferring knowledge.

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“I was actually doing like a little mini internship before I got drafted. I had met Bron around that time, as well as in high school, so we had a close relationship then and it was strictly about transferring knowledge. You know, like what does this level look like for you? And I saw it upclose. I got a chance to see it up close and it inspired me. Obviously Miami lost that year, Dallas won on a really really miraculous playoff run. Bron played well, D-Wade played well, it was just very challenging and I learned a lot from that. Then they went on to win back to back championships after that. And you come into the league during that time and they’re just dominating everything. Then you get a chance to play with Bron on that same team? At that level? You better believe if that shot comes to me, I’m going to be ready to take it.”

Kyrie Irving

After teaming up in Cleveland they won an NBA championship in 2016.