Among the ideas to save the 2019-20 season, which was suspended due to the coronavirus, there is also that of gathering all the NBA in a city in the middle of the desert and start from there, with isolated players in the casinos and a maxi tournament with all the games in the same arena (the Thomas & Las Vegas Mack Center) to crown a champion team. An extreme solution, to be used as a last chance if it was not possible to resume playing at least a part of the 18-20 regular season games that are missing and then the playoffs, with each series to the best of the seven games that without this global pandemic had to start on the 18th of April. Commissioner Adam Silver and the owners of the 30 franchises are focused on resuming, no matter when, knowing that it will only be possible when the coronavirus emergency is over (and with the United States becoming the first country in the world by number of infections and deaths it is impossible at the moment even to hypothesize a date). And that any solution must obtain the ok of the Players Association.

Summer Capital

Sin City seems perfect for the extreme solution: the NBA has made Las Vegas its summer capital for years, home to that Summer League which at the beginning of July turns into a real basketball hub, between opportunities for sponsors, matches and contacts. It would start again by canceling the rest of the regular season, first with an entry tournament for the teams further back in the standings to access the main draw, then a first round of best of 5 followed by knockout challenges. The Finals, on the other hand, would play best of 5 games. Always at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, always without fans, always with players, technicians, managers and anyone who comes in contact with them closed in a sort of virtual bubble and under strict medical supervision.