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Chris Singleton’s preference by Anadolu Efes

Chris Singleton Anadolu Efes
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Chris Singleton is an NBA patented player. He played in good teams (Barcelona, Panathinaikos, Lokomotiv Kuban) and now, he is playing for Anadolu Efes. Chris had a good season in Lokomotiv Kuban.

I think Singleton’s biggest problem is if he does not adapt to the team, the team is over for him. The best example of that is Barcelona; he didn’t fit and had problems with his teammates. Also, he was formless at last year.

So, why did coach Ergin Ataman and his staff choose Chris Singleton? Ataman’s system has a specific location for number four and we saw that number four was starring in the teams led by the coach, such as Zoran Erceg and Adrien Moerman.

Efes announced that Moerman was injured when the season started. Singleton can play Pick And Roll and Pick And Pop (he has the three-point shot). Coach Ataman did not want to miss such a player.

HERE IS GAMBLING! If Singleton does not adapt to the team, will coach Ataman go to system change? Coach Ataman took the risk and, I think, he is successful because of this decision. Up to this time, he played nice and he did not feel the absence of Bryant Dunston and especially Moerman.

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