The Greek coach has selected eighteen names which will participate in the training camp of the Russian National Team and the list is expected to be announced later today. TB has the list and you can see all the names below.

Of course the big names missing are Andrei Kirilenko, Viktor Khryapa and Sasha Kaun. On the other hand two NBAers, Alexey Shved and Timofey Mozgov were called, as well as the two biggest prospects of Russian basketball, Kulagin and Karasev.

As expected the roster is heavily based on Khimki and CSKA Moscow players. Only 16 of the 18 players will be called to the training camp.

Here is the full 18-men squad:

Alexey Shved Minnesota Timberwolves
Timofey Mozgov Denver Nuggets
Vitaly Fridzon FA
Dmitry Khvostov Khimki
Sergey Monya Khimki
Aleksey Zhukanenko Khimki
Yegor Vyaltsev Khimki
Anton Ponkrashov CSKA Moscow
Evegeny Voronov CSKA Moscow
Andrey Vorontsevich CSKA Moscow
Dmitry Sokolov CSKA Moscow
Maksim Grygoryev Lokomotiv Kuban
Sergey Bykov Lokomotiv Kuban
Valery Lykhodei Lokomotiv Kuban
Semen Antonov Nizhniy Novgorod
Nikita Balashov Krasnye Krilya
Dmitry Kulagin Krasnye Krilya
Sergey Karasev Triumph