RJ Barrett
Photo: New York Post

David Fizdale was a guest on ESPN Radio and was asked about the Knicks’ future. The former New York coach said RJ Barrett is a true star that can cope with the press of the New York “stage”.

“I think RJ Barrett embodies the type of player who can play in New York City. Just straight hard worker, tough, talented, doesn’t get rattled, knows how to deal with the press and all of the lights and things like that.

“He can weather the ups and downs. He doesn’t get too high or too low on himself. I think the biggest thing right now. … Do they want guys to keep growing, or do they really want to spend that money on playoff players and really try and push it?” Fizdale said.

New York is out of the playoff contention for the 7th consecutive season being in great need of a star player. Barrett, who was selected with the third-overall pick in last year’s draft, was third on the team in scoring with 14.3 points per game, starting 55 of the 56 games he had played.