Lakers’ Danny Green urges NBA players to be smart with their money during the coronavirus crisis

Danny Green
Photo: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Danny Green urged the NBA players to be smart with their money moving forward, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The forward of the Los Angeles Lakers said the players were not prepared for the NBA suspension and have not managed to save money.

“We’re not promised a check past the first of April I believe. This is very different than the lockout. We were able to prepare for the lockout, know that there wasn’t going to be basketball for some time and save up. This time, guys were not prepared for this, this happened out of nowhere.

So they’ve gotta be smart with these last two checks that we’ve received. We may be getting past that, we don’t know yet. If we don’t play the rest of the season, it will affect our check and playoffs as well. We have to be very smart with our money,” Green said on ESPN’s First Take.

The NBA plans to pay players their next checks on April 1, but haven’t committed yet to next payments due on April 15.