Euroleague Basketball have begun meetings at their headquarters in Barcelona to determine next year’s Final Four venue.

The signs already do not look good for a return to London like the Euroleague had hoped though.

They have sat down to review this year’s event in terms of ticket sales, attendances from the O2 Arena, London Soccerdome and the Fan Zone at Trafalgar Square and the media reception amongst other factors. They hope to make a decision in mid-June, if not earlier.

When asked about next year’s event, a Euroleague representative said that London was always a one year deal with an option of another and that plans to discuss the location of the 2014 Final Four was going to happen regardless.

The Euroleague though do not regret hosting the event at the O2 Arena, despite major criticism of the expensive ticket prices, which were later sold at just £5 [€5.60]. One fan, which was seated in the upper tier received a complementary ticket on the day of the final and saw that his ticket would have cost £240 [€283.81].

Another major criticism was the lack of British media present in London, particularly the BBC, who despite covering the last four Final Four tournaments decided not to cover this year’s event in their own country. There was also no coverage in the national newspapers or on leading sports channel Sky Sports. ESPN UK screened the games, but the final was not shown live.

There were plus points from the Final Four with the Fan Zone in Trafalgar Square seen to be a huge success according to Euroleague officials when TalkBasket approached them on Sunday night. They said that the event had been organised brilliantly and that it was a fantastic advertisement for the Euroleague and for basketball in general.

The Euroleague have said that other venues have been suggested but declined to name them