JaVale McGee
Photo: Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

On a recent episode of Danny Green’s podcast, Inside the Green Room, JaVale McGee opened up about life in quarantine.

Green and McGee are teammates for the Los Angeles Lakers. Both players, as well as the entire roster, were locked down into quarantine when the news broke that two unnamed players had tested positive for COVID-19. The news was officially announced on March 19.

When asked about his mindset in isolation and whether he is still focused on basketball, McGee responded with the following.

“I’m on vacation, I’m not gonna lie. They’re literally forcing us to do nothing. I’m trying, for at least this week of quarantine, trying to take advantage of that. To where I can really just chill and do nothing. We don’t have this opportunity ever in our lives. We’re working out every day, we’re in the gym, we’re travelling. We’re just always doing something.”

Whilst McGee made it important that he rests during this period, he did add the importance of staying tuned in. Mainly due to the fact that at the present time it is unknown as to when the NBA will return.

“We have the vision of the future being just more isolation, but what if they’re like ‘oh we’ve found a cure’ next week and the season starts in another week. I’ll be like at least we’ve got a week to workout, at least I wasn’t just focused on other things.”

Watch the full episode of Inside the Green Room below: