Photo: Steve Griffin, Deseret News

Emmanuel Mudiay talked about the coronavirus crisis and his teammate in the Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert, who was tested positive for the virus.

Mudiay said Gobert is a great guy, but he did not know he had the virus at the time. He also noted the coronavirus is bigger than basketball and his team is taking precautions.

“Rudy is a great guy. He was just trying to be funny and joke around. He didn’t know he had it at the time. Now he knows that it was something serious.

People want to play, but we know that it’s bigger than basketball at this point. My team, everybody actually, is just taking precaution and doing everything that they need to do.

Things are happening so fast and no one’s prepared for it. I think everybody’s just making decisions on the fly. But it’s so hard to be in anybody’s position at this point because you just don’t know how to handle it because we don’t have too much information,” Mudiay said in an interview with Okay Africa.

The NBA suspended the season for at least 30 days due to the coronavirus crisis.