The situation at Panathinaikos: Your thoughts

Panathinaikos President Dimitris Giannakopoulos resignation has caused quite a stir not just in Greece but in Europe as well.

The outgoing President coughed up 200,000 euros to release former Panathinaikos player Mike Batiste from a detention center at Athens Airport and he leaves the club where rumours are swirling about the club’s overall debts that were kept secret until now.

Basketball fans have used Twitter to express their opinions and the general feeling is that the Greens will be fine.


“They’ll be ok they have a big brand name in Europe so if they use it right, they won’t have a problem finding a new investor.”


“it had to be one time or another.. they need a rehab.”

The question we put forward is in its early stages. If we get anymore, provided there is no swearing and it is suitable for print, we’ll put it up on here.

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