American forward Derrick Brown joined the red-green team. His skills are much appreciated by foreign basketball experts. His style and NBA experience is called to help Lokomotiv the further matches and Alex Maric personally in the struggle for rebound.

The chain of injuries overtaking Lokomotiv and weakened the fourth position in the team first of all. Young forward Andrey Zubkov turned up a life belt for the team the previous matches but his contribution to the team efficiency is not enough yet. That’s why it was decided to strengthen the team with a strong physically well-trained fourth player.

In 2006 Brown started in “Xavier Musketeers” of NCAA Championship. It’s one of the strongest teams within Atlantic 10 Conference. Having gained high results (11 points, 6.5 rebounds per game on average) the forward regularly came on the court within the first five in season 2008/2009. After Xavier college the player continued his carrier in the NBA. Derrick played three seasons in Charlotte Bobcats from the Northern Carolina where the basketballer developed his skills that was distinguished by a number of experts.

Before coming to Lokomotiv Brown has played already several games in “New-York Nicks” set and passed preseason training together with San Antonio Spurs.

PBC Lokomotiv-Kuban vice-president Ginas Rutkauskas:

– Derrick Brown is a player who has much to prove. He has played in the NBA three years and got much time especially last season. Since now the player decided to try in Europe that’s very opportunely for Lokomotiv. We need a person of energy and motivation, the basketballer who is able to combine technical athletic skills and ambitious. I am sure Brown is the player we looked for.

In the nearest future the basketballer is coming to Krasnodar for medical examination after which he will get down to practices together with the team.