Shaquille O'Neal
Photo: John Amis/AP/Shutterstock

In one of the “only at Belly Up” spectacles of the season, Shaquille O’Neal, a.k.a. DJ Diesel, has been DJ’ing at the club Saturday night to a sold-out crowd.

“I have been DJing since the ’80s,” O’Neal said. “Back at LSU I was big into spinning hip-hop and rap and now I have shifted over to a blend of hip-hop and dance music. … I’m always listening to new music, especially when on the road and in arenas for games. I’ll hear something new and be like, ‘Oh, I need that,’ and come back to it later. I am also always talking to other DJs and friends about what’s hot.”

“Small clubs are more intimate and personal, while big festivals really do feel like a Game 7. The countdown till the beat is like the countdown till the buzzer, and when the beat drops, it’s like hitting the game-winning shot.” Lakers’ legend added.

Here’s the example of Shaq mixing songs in the video below. Do you like it? Leave a comment below.