NBA analyst says Zion is having more impressive rookie season than LeBron


On the TV show First Things First, Stephen A.Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Max Kellerman talked about an interesting subject – is Zion having a more impressive rookie season than LeBron? Smith and Perkins both agreed that LeBron had a better rookie season. Kellerman expressed a different opinion, picking Zion over LeBron.

“Zion is a physical phenomenon. I’m more impressed by Zion. Let me be very clear what does that mean: I’m not saying he is better than LeBron, but it’s not the point. I’m comparing them against expectations. The thing with LeBron, you knew he’s gonna be great and he played in a league made for him. Zion is coming to a league, where you like – ‘does his game fit in the modern NBA?’ LeBron’s PER [Player Efficiency Rating] as rookie was 18, Zion’s is 25. Based on expectations, productivity, the kind they are playing, Zion is even more impressive as a rookie than LeBron,” Kellerman sumed up his argument.