Košarkaški savez Srbije

Novica Veličković returned to the national team after 10 years and before the match against Georgia he didn’t hide satisfaction for being the part of the team.

“After 10 years I am here again and it is an honor to be in the national team. I got younger for just being here and now I’m enjoying to work with the coaches and teammates. There are a lot of young players who are playing in different leagues, and there are also my teammates from Partizan. These 4-5 were really enjoyable”, said Novica Veličković in front of the journalists.

One of the few “veterans” in the Serbian squad Novica Veličković accepted right away the invitation from the national team. His only fear was related to his body condition after the “Radivoje Korać” Cup (Partizan beat Crvena Zvezda in the Finals).

“The only thing I was afraid of was my body condition after the Cup. You never know how you end up after those kinds of tournaments, especially if you are me. The enormous wish to be here prevailed”, added Novica Veličković, who thinks that there are no easy opponents.

“We showed energy against Finland, and I am hoping we will show it again against Georgia. This is one of the most important things in every game. The coaches are working on the best scouting, so we can beat Georgia tomorrow. And it won’t be easy. There is no easy opponent in the Qualifications, we can’t underestimate anyone”, Novica Veličković finished his interview.