Chris Broussard says Kevin Durant needs to win title or two with Nets ‘to get firmly in most people’s top 10’

Kevin Durant is considered by many as the best player in the NBA but does his name come up when people make lists of all-time greats? Sports analyst Chris Broussard says KD needs more to get there.

According to him, Durant needs to win a title or two with the Brooklyn Nets to be a lock in people’s top 10. He won two titles with the Warriors but he was on a team that was already great.

“Kevin Durant’s going down as an elite all-time great player, regardless. As great as KD is, he went to the best team in the league & won. If he wants to get firmly in most people’s top 10 … winning another title or 2 in Brooklyn would do it.”

Chris Broussard

KD will not be winning the title this season as he denied the notion of return to action.