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F4 coverage: Tension between fans in Istanbul (vids)

After a couple of calm days during the Istanbul Final Four, some tension spoiled the atmosphere of the tournament.

The two fields of tension were Hagia Sophia between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos fans and the second Taksim Square between Panathinaikos and Galatasaray fans.

While a group of Olympiacos fans were visiting the Hagia Sophia site and were inside, a number of Panathinaikos fans, around 400 of them, arrived outside of the arena.

Turkish Police arrived with some delay and blocked the exit of Olympiacos fans for around two hours to deter any further tension after an Olympiacos fan got beat up by some bitter opponents.


Later during the day large numbers of Panathinaikos and Galatasaray fans met at Taksim square. The Galatasaray fans had  gathered there to watch their football team championship away game against Fenerbahce. At some point the fans masses merged into one and each group was singing their own national anthem and other chants.

As you can see in the video below things got out of hands at some point and eventually the fans were dispersed by the police who used tear gas and pepper spray to achieve it. There are reports of some minor injuries.


According to Olympiacos announcement their fan is hospitalised and out of danger. Olympiacos even moved their fan to the best medical facility and paid the bill.

On top of all that Fenerbahce fans clashed later in the night with the Police after their team lost the football championship to their rivals Galatasaray while earlier in the day Galatasaray fans attacked the metrobus carrying Fenerbahce fans and in a separate incident a 12 year old Fenerbahce fan was stabbed.

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