F4 coverage: CSKA-Panathinaikos post game quotes (video)

The post-game quotes didn’t present much dramas as both coaches were calm and conscious about the game which had just ended, answering only a handful questions.

“We talked a lot before this Final Four, especially this game, about what would be a good way to play this game and understand what we need to beat CSKA. Statistically they are one of the best teams in almost every category in the league. I believe that we played tonight almost a perfect game. Everything that we prepared for was good for us. They didn’t shoot well on two-pointers or three-pointers. And they usually have 20 assists and only had nine,” Obradovic said afterwards.


Jonas Kazlauskas was more expressive talking about his team’s inexperience: “We have a talented team but it’s been a team only one year. CSKA has a pressure to win, as people expect in Russia, while our opponents were a really experience team” the Lithuanian coach said.

When asked about Kirilenko performance: “I am happy to have Kirilenko as a player. At the beginning he was nervous . I had a one on one talk with him before the game where I told him that the last player who could take on a good time by himself was Michael Jordan, so there was no need for pressure.”

In the end Kazlauskas complimented the rest of the teams by claiming: “The only thing I am disappointed in is the fact there is only one trophy for four great teams.” and refused to discuss Krstic injury saying he will know the severity of it tomorrow.