Anastasya Verameyenka will play for Fenerbahce according to and

Belarussian national team center have been playing at Nadezhda Orenburg since 2005-2006. She will  be the first Belarussian player to come İstanbul after Yelena Leuchanka, Galatasaray(2009-2010). Earlier in the European off season, Zane Tamane left for Nadezdha despite being one of the most efficient players of coach Georgios Dikeoulakos. You can find a statistical comparison between Tamane and Verameyenka. Rumours continue about Irina Osipova sigining for Fenerbahce also, but nothing is comfirmed yet.




SA(domestic) G Pts Rb Ast Bl FG% 3pts% FT%
Anastasia Verameyenka 24 9,4 7,4 1,5 1,6 53% 28% 76%
Zane Tamane 26 8,1 5,1 1,5 1,1 65%



G Pts Rb Ast Bl FG% 3pts % FT%
Anastasia Verameyenka 14 11,4 6,9 2,2 2,1 53% 36% 82%
Zane Tamane 18 10,7 6,3 1,7 0,8 61% 81%

SA: season averages, G: Games, Pts: Points, Rb: Rebounds, Ast:Assits, Bl: Blocks, FG: Field Goals, 3pts: Three pointers, FT: Free Throws