Nicolas Batum: San Antonio is an option for me

Nicolas Batum is back in France and he did a series of interviews, including one with the French sports channel L’Equipe TV. While there, he discussed a series of topics, including his performances this season, the possibility of signing with the Spurs this summer and his goals for the upcoming Olympics.

About his season

“I was really disappointed. I had never missed the playoffs before, even when I was playing in France. To have to watch it on TV and not be a part of it, it’s definitely a huge let down for me and my team. Because, honestly, the playoffs are the ultimate goal of the season. Individually though, that was probably my best season so far. I continue to get better and my stats are improving, so I keep that approach. It’s too bad that we couldn’t put in together as a team.”

About the possibility of signing with the Spurs this summer

“San Antonio is an option for me. There are 30 teams in the league so I’m going to have to check them all out and see what could be the best fit for me. But clearly San Antonio could be good for me. I don’t want to leave Portland but I have to see what’s best for me.”

About the Olympics

“We have all the tools and we have the team to do something great, that’s for sure. Our goal is to finish in the Top 4. Wherever you play, you have to play to win. Even if we play Team USA and everybody says that we only have on chance in a million to beat them, that’s still one chance, right?”

About rooting for the Spurs but predicting a Lakers’ title

“I’d love for the Spurs to win it all. That would be great for Tony Parker and Boris Diaw, but I would put my money on the Lakers.”