Demond Mallet, who just months ago was the second leading scorer in the Euroleague finds himself not playing many minutes for Coach David Blatt as Maccabi gives every effort to head to the Euroleague Final Four.

Meanwhile, teams from Italy, Turkey are calling for Mallet and his former team Spirou Charleroi would like to have Mallet back if Maccabi is not going to use his services.

Mallet has had a stellar career having won both a Spanish King’s Cup in his career and a ULEB Cup Championship to go with his German Championship, German Cups and Belgium Championship.

Mallet led Spirou Charleroi to qualify for the Euroleague two seasons in a row and was the MVP of the league last season.

“Player’s like Mallet should always be disappointed when they don’t play and this certainly doesn’t reflect the energy that Maccabi gave him when trying to sign Mallet but the team is successful and Demond is a true leader,” said his agent Craig McKenzie.

“There are many great players on all the final teams not seeing a lot of minutes. It happens at this stage due to a coache’s strategy. More should be written about how well he is handling this. How great of person he is and the fact that he is going for the ultimate chance in a player’s career– a final four championship. I don’t think Mallet will leave the team like the other player did during the Euroleague season. There are some things in basketball that are bigger than the individual. Maccabi needs to be unified in this run.”