How to make successful bets on the NBA?

Bloomberg (Manuela Davies/Getty Images)
Photo: Bloomberg (Manuela Davies/Getty Images)

The National Basketball Association is the best national basketball tournament. During the season, taking into account the playoffs, approximately 2500 matches are played. Such a number of events is enough to make bets on the NBA the main specialization.

Format of NBA

There are 30 teams in the league, which are equally distributed at the Western and Eastern conferences. The conference includes 3 divisions of 5 clubs. In the regular season 82 rounds.

The winners of divisions and 5 teams with the best win percentage go to the playoffs. The confrontation lasts up to 4 victories. Representatives of various conferences are divorced on the grid and will converge only in the final.

NBA Betting Tips

  • Read the rules. A quarter in the NBA lasts 12 minutes, not 10. A zone defense is also prohibited, which simplifies the actions of attacking teams.
  • The basketball association evenly supports clubs in terms of finances. The difference in the class of favorites and outsiders is not so big as in the European leagues. 30% of fights end with an underdog victory.
  • 60% of victories are obtained by the owners of the site. But do not rely on trends, because at a distance the margin will eat part of the profit. Look for in-depth patterns and bet on handicaps.
  • NBA is suitable for total betting. Bookmakers provide a list of up to 15 total steps in each direction, and the margin does not exceed 4 percent.
  • A month before the start of the season, clubs conduct pre-season games. The team plays 6-10 games that are designed to assess basketball players and tactical developments. In such matches, a model of the game for the upcoming season looms.
  • Winning series rarely last longer than 10 meetings. If the jar is enough for 7-8 steps, feel free to use the catch. Better yet, join the game when the team won 5-7 times in a row.
  • The last team of the previous draw, may break out in the lead in a year. Use statistics only for the current season.
  • Read and analyze statistics, predictions and NBA picks on every game from experts.

Useful patterns of NBA bets

Bets differ in rates for other sports. First of all, the intensity of the games. They play every other day, and sometimes every day.

For players, this is a significant plus. For players who regularly place bets, there is success as a result (at least 55-57 bets out of 100), this is extremely beneficial! Everything will happen several times a week. After all, by and large, the main goal of the player is not the percentage of coal rates, but the amount of profit.

But there is a negative side. This letter is attractive to a huge number of players, so bookmakers are especially careful about factors and minimize possible losses. Which accordingly reduces the profitability of the game.

The following elements can be distinguished:

  • The statistics of the NBA matches indicate that the time of the legend command has not been a winner for a long time.
  • In addition, in our time the team for 1-2 seasons can go from a clear leader to the category of outsiders, and vice versa. You should not use statistics from previous years. This is the last season.
  • NBA playoff games are usually accompanied by fewer goals scored compared to the game during the season. Therefore, the concentration of teams and each basketball player individually is at the limit. Athletes are in no hurry to take risks.
  • In the opening matches of the season, a similar trend can be traced. Teams after the break gain form and increase the pace, respectively, and less points are recorded in their assets.
  • As a rule, in the next games there was no high efficiency. Basketball is a team sport where the teamwork of players plays a very significant role.

These are just the basic patterns that are typical for a championship, and, of course, there are many other factors that must be considered when preparing for a basketball game. A player who is interested in these types of sports should understand that there are a lot of advantages in betting on the NBA, but, of course, there are certain inconveniences, but without this there is no. The NBA Championship is very interesting for betting.

In addition to unique features and patterns, NBA bets have advantages:

  1. regularity of events – daily in high season;
  2. detailed painting and margin of 3-4% on popular markets;
  3. a lot of predictions, tips, statistics for analysis.

Take into account the laws of NBA championship, stick to your chosen strategies and carefully analyze each choice.