Injury almost definitively disposed of for Anthony Davis. Ten days ago, Davis had been injured and there was much apprehension among the Los Angeles Lakers about his injury. Still, Davis could play against the Houston Rockets tonight. Although the player did not train with the team yesterday, he could still be used against Harden’s team.

Lakers ok without Davis

Without Davis, the Lakers have won three of their last four games. Instead of Davis, Kyle Kuzma has always played in the base quintet and he has done well.

New opportunities

Davis’ return, however, seems to be imminent and coach Frank Vogel has expressed his approval: “We don’t want to force his return, we will be very careful in returning him. Clearly though, I’m very happy that Davis is about to return. It’s also nice to see how other players like Kuzma or Dudley are growing. It is a benefit that children can grow, I always try to look at positive things.”

Davis’ absence has been heavy for the Lakers, but has also created a good opportunity for others to emerge. Now, however, Anthony Davis is preparing to return, in the most decisive moment of the season.