Photo: NBC Sports Washington

After the Washington Wizards last loss to the Chicago Bulls, Bradley Beal was particularly unhappy postgame.

In the video below, Beal says he’s tired of losing, “especially winnable games.”

As the video showed, Beal didn’t offer many specifics to reporters, but his displeasure and disgust was clear.

Beal’s disappointment is “really real” and the two-time All-Star is “as angry with and emotional about his team as he’s ever been since being drafted by the Wizards,” according to David Aldridge of The Athletic.

Hours after the game, Beal took to Twitter to endorse a recent quote from JJ Redick that said, “there are more guys concerned with getting a pregame fit on Instagram than they are worrying about the win and loss of a basketball game.”

Beal is on a team with several young players who are active on social media, often posting pictures of their fashion at games.

Perhaps this is a coincidence, or maybe it’s actually one of Beal’s issues with the team.

Either way, The Wizards have a star in Beal who has been patient during the team’s rebuild, but he will only be patient for so long, as he clearly thinks they need some help.

Beal could’ve also been hinting that he wants the front office to add pieces to try and make a playoff push this season, as they are only five games out of the eight spot in the East.

Either way, it will be interesting to see if Beal has a follow-up conversation with General Manager Tommy Sheppard.