Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Kyrie Irving was truly impressive against the streaking Utah Jazz, dropping 32 points and 11 assists. The Nets came up empty at the end despite his incredible performance.

After the game, Kyrie talked to the media for his shoulder issue and his adjustment to the 3-guard set along with Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert.

“I feel good. Being out gave time to slow down, get healthy & put an emphasis on my body. Early in the season, I had 3 broken bones in my face & I got hit again in China. I think that’s what attributed to my shoulder impingement, trying to make up for lost time.”

While for the 3-perimeter players set he added: “It’s an adjustment… We got to figure out a way to play better off one another when we’re out there on the perimeter. It’s a big guard front. We gotta use it to our advantage.”