Another defeat for the Golden State Warriors who have been defeated by the Memphis Grizzlies. Eighth defeat for the Warriors, which has led some players to start complaining about how this season is going to be forgotten. Omari Spellman expressed all his disappointment in his post-match statements: “No intensity. Nothing at all. We were out there just to run. They destroyed us”. Few words but clear and simple. The Warriors are going through a new dark and tragic period of this season. The rumors about the upcoming return of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are not denied but neither confirmed. However, it is possible that, with this season gone, the two can be preserved for the future.

Sign of awakening

Four straight wins culminated in the victory over the Houston Rockets on Christmas Eve. However, after that streak, just eight bleak defeats in a row have arrived. Whether against the Clippers or at Memphis, the Warriors have plummeted in the last quarter after fighting throughout the game.

The Warriors problems

Without a doubt the weak point of Golden State is the second unit, which is completely non-existent. In addition, the problems are now inside the locker room. The confirmation always comes from Spellman: “The atmosphere you have been breathing lately in the locker room is not the best. We have to find a way to go back. Once it happens, I think it will get better”.

In short, the situation for Golden State is not the best and we believe that it will not improve at least for this season. Golden State Warriors, the locker room begins to mumble.