Denver Nuggets beat Philadelphia 76ers in overtime on the road by 108-104, behind 28 points of Andre Miller.

Chauncey Billups hit a last-second threepointer and served Dallas their second defeat in L.A. after Derek Fisher had downed the Mavs last week in same manner.

Wizards grabbed their second win, surprising visiting Thunder 102-105.

All the results:

Denver Nuggets 108-104 Philadelphia 76ers
Oklahoma City Thunder 102-105 Washington Wizards
San Antonio Spurs 85-83 Orlando Magic
Toronto Raptors 73-96 Boston Celtics
Golden State Warriors 100-107 New Jersey Nets
Phoenix Suns 91-88 New York Knicks
Portland Trailblazers 89-92 Atlanta Hawks
Detroit Pistons 85-93 Minnesota Timberwolves
Memphis Grizzlies 93-87 New Orleans Hornets
Indiana Pacers 88-92 Sacramento Kings
Dallas Mavericks 89-91 Los Angeles Clippers

Atlanta Hawks reach four straight wins.

Chris Paul missed the game against Dallas.

Trevor Ariza returned to action after sitting out 8 games.

Eric Maynor of Oklahoma City underwent knee surgery.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas returned to the Cavs as an assistant to GM.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has appointed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a global cultural ambassador.

Yesterday’s top plays:


All the action:


Billups’ game winning threepointer: