Julius Randle
Photo: Bleacher Report

This summer, Julius Randle signed a $88 million three-year deal that offers him a player option in his senior year with the New York Knicks. Now there have been rumors that the Knicks are open to trading their new free-agent acquired in Julius Randle.

What are these possibilities? One is the Phoenix Suns. The Knicks would get two expiring contracts, Tyler Johnson and Dario Šarić. The Phoenix Suns will receive Julius Randle in return, along with Reggie Bullock, who is a good perimeter shooter.

Another opportunity is the Portland Trail Blazers. This is yet another scenario where the Knicks make a move for their future. The Knicks will receive an expiring contract with the Hassan Whiteside deal, which will end after the 2019-2020 season.

What about the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Tristan Thompson’s contract will expire this summer. A guy like Tristan Thompson may want to be part of a contending team. The Knicks give him a chance to earn a big win this summer and perhaps help develop Mitchell Robinson and some of the other younger players.

While the Knicks can be open to conversations about their forward power, I don’t expect them to be content with any moves. The Knicks will expect to get some value from Julius Randle if they choose to make a compromise.