Photo: ClutchPoints

Jared Dudley is one of the best players of the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite the good time he is having with the Lakers, Dudley spoke about his past, on the occasion of his interview with Bill Oram of The Athletic.

In his interview, Dudley talked about his former teams, starting with the Los Angeles Clippers:

The Clippers of 2013/14 season were the most toxic team where I played. It was a strange, bipolar team: we were attractive off the pitch, but not on the parquet.”

Words of poison those of Dudley against the Clippers, now main opponents of his Los Angeles Lakers:

“When we were at the Clippers we didn’t have a bad relationship, but now I don’t get on with Blake Griffin,” Dudley said. “While considering him a great player, I don’t like his personality and his attitude. It is easy to be the best companion when you win, but when do you lose? If you are above 20 points all is well, vice versa when you are below 20 you should want to fight.”

In short, Dudley’s experience with the Clippers was certainly not the best and, the Lakers player is considered one of the most important men in the locker room, literally threw himself against his former team.